5 Hints for Finding A Kid-Friendly Hotel

by Dean on September 9, 2016

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Every decision needs deep consideration, especially when it’s about a bunch of people you care for the most (read: family). If you plan to have a great family holiday with your kids, one of the best ways is taking them on a trip. Spending the quality time with family, visiting new places and doing fun yet lovely moments together surely humor the family.

While traveling with the family, staying at a good hotel that suits all of the family members is a must. There are specific characteristics that have to be owned by the hotel so it can be the perfect choice for the family retreat, specifically when it’s about the kids.

Right now, finding a good hotel for your family is easier since hotel booking is the hype. You can book it online via Traveloka, who’s known as one of the top online travel agents from Indonesia. It offers varieties of the best hotels in Asia at the best price (no hidden fee, all include since the beginning). Moreover, the website is easy to use and very responsive so you can book hotels within minutes anywhere, anytime.

To decide the right hotel, there are some specific things to consider, especially for those with kids. Here are 5 hints you can follow while trying to find a perfect hotel.

1. Consider the close proximity to these vital areas

If you’re traveling with kids, it’s a must to stay close to vital areas so you have easy access to reach them when you need something or are facing a problem. Always choose the hotel that is surrounded by eateries and entertainment so you can go there when needed and don’t have to go too far. Also consider a hotel that is easy to reach the bank, police station, and hospital (at least clinic).

2. Choose the suitable room for family

A spacious room is a must so that the kids can play freely in the room. Some hotels have specific Family Rooms or Family Suites. It usually comes with a more spacious area and is supported with amenities that can favor the family.

The Family Room or Family Suites offered are usually more expensive than the standard room. But now, you can get the cheaper room if you reserve it through the hotel booking website. One of the best now is Traveloka. This website allows you to access the best hotels around Asia and you can book it online at the cheapest price. The booking process is so easy and quick within minutes. The price shown at the beginning is the honest price without hidden fee and already includes the tax.

3. Recreational facilities is a must, at least a swimming pool or a courtyard

Kids always love to swim or play in the playground, so make sure the hotel you want to choose has a swimming pool (friendly enough for kids) or a garden. The popular and favored family-friendly hotels usually offer more for the family, such as kids club, childrens playground, and some fun activities for the family in particular within or nearby the hotel

4. Restaurant has to provide a kids-friendly venue

Don’t book a hotel if it only offers a bar. The bar is festive with alcohol and live music that is not friendly enough for the kids. It’s better to take a rest on the hotel that has an on-site restaurant with an outdoor venue. Some of best family hotels even have the dining venue that is really fun for children, complemented with the kid’s menu.

5. Easy access from lobby and parking area to the room

Sometimes the kids fell asleep while coming back from a trip after a long day traveling around. It’s better to get a room with the fastest access from the lobby or the parking area so you can easily carry your kids to the room without waking them up. You’ll also npt get tired because you are not carrying them too long and won’t have to walk too far to reach the room.

If you follow these tips, you are sure to have a fun and relaxing family holiday with the kids.

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