Jobs you can do to make money while traveling

by Dean on September 30, 2017

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Plainly traveling is like burning money away as you arrive at every destination. What you’re doing is just consistently spending without earning anything to cover all the expenses. There are limitations and chances of going broke halfway. A great solution for this is to earn money while enjoying each destination. There are a lot of jobs that can be done even by traveling. Here are some of the best traveling jobs.


A travel blogger is the type of job wherein you get paid just by taking photos and giving feedback and updates on the places you’ve been and the food that you’ve eaten. Starting it off with social media and other blogging sites, you can start catching the attention of the netizens with your very own travel guide.

Tour Guide

A job that is suitable for those who love to talk and travel at the same time, this job will definitely give you the sense of purpose as you travel. It will also assure you that you won’t be traveling alone, you’ll be taking people with you and introducing them to the fantastic spots in the world.

Flight Attendant

If you are not the hiking or sailing type, well, flying would be the job for you. Flight attendant doesn’t solely just ride planes while giving their services to the people, but as the plane stops in every destination they get to, they too, have the chance to discover the places and countries and be back in time for the next take off to another destination.

Online Tutoring

As technology upgrades, learning has been made faster through finding tutors online. Wherever you will go and whatever it is you want to do, you still can do it while earning as a tutor. Tutor classes are done via video calls and chats, you won’t have to meet your students in person. You’ll allow two to three hours of your time for the session. And still, have much more time to have fun as you earn as an online tutor.

Service Corporations

If extending help to people in need is your passion and traveling is your goal, working for corporations such as PEACE corps and other organizations that travel to diverse countries to help is the right job for you. These corporations/ organizations don’t only go there to help but they also dig deep into the country’s tradition and culture and get to know the people themselves. They would travel the country while still being able to give their services.


Being a writer varies. There are those who write novels and action books, online article writing or copy writing. The great part is that it won’t require you to stay in one location. If you’ll be a travel writer or an adventure genre writer, just like the author of Indian Jones, in order to find inspiration, a writer must discover the world himself in order to know what to write, he/she must break the walls and see the cultures, tradition, and people himself.

Cruise ship crew

Cruising is one of the most famous ways to travel. Instead of paying hundreds to be on a cruise ship, why not work there instead. You’d get the chance to ride for free and at the same time experience going to different destinations together with the tourists for free, all while being paid. However, this job is for the hardworking and whose only goal is to see how it’s like to be in different countries.

English Tutor

Travelling to a lot of countries, you will be able to meet a lot of people who can’t speak the universal language. Being an English tutor while you travel might give you the extra money you need. You can even do it online, tutor classes would only take a bit of your time. You will also gain by learning other languages as you meet different races while tutoring.


Have you ever seen people who perform on the streets, whether it may be dancing, singing, acting or just plainly showing uniqueness and creativity on the streets? Well, those people are what you call buskers. If earning while showing your talent and having fun is what you want to do, then this would be the best way to enjoy the place you are in. People would pay to see a street performance, it might not be much but at least you’re gaining something instead of just plainly spending.


May it be an event, nature or scenery photographer, as long as you’ve got a good camera and you have that angular snap, then you can do photography while you travel. Sell your photos to travelling sites and other companies that are in need of photos from different places. You’ll be able to improve your skill and at the same time, capture the moments you had in each destination you’ve been to while earning lots.

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