Top 5 Natural Wonders of Armenia and Georgia

by Dean on September 15, 2016

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Today we want to tell you about the natural beauties of such well-known countries of the South Caucasus as Armenia and Georgia. These two countries are known for their natural beauty, mountain scenery, crystal lakes, deep gorges, powerful waterfalls etc. Combined tours to Georgia and Armenia are gaining more and more popularity among tourists from all over the world. It is difficult to place all the natural wonders of these countries in one article, and today we will tell about some of the most spectacular of them:

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan

Sevan is an amazing lake of Armenia known for its azure water and picturesque surroundings. Moreover,Sevan is the second largest freshwater alpine lake in the world. It occupies an area of 1240 Locals and tourists love to come here in summer, relax in the lap of nature, take part in active water sports. On the shores of the lake were built comfortable hotels and cottages for a good rest. The one thing is that the climate at Sevan is very changeable: it can be hot in the afternoon and cool and windy in the evening. The ultra-rays here are strong enough, that’s why to avoid strong sunburn you will need a sunscreen.

Symphony of stones

Symphony of Stones, Georgia

The other natural miracle of Armenia is located in Garni canyon that stretches along Azat River. We are talking about wonderful natural cliffs formed of the regular hexagonal cylinders. This structure was called «The symphony of stones» and indeed from afar the natural monument reminds a huge basalt organ. «The symphony of stones» is included in the list of natural monuments and therefore is protected by the Armenian government.

Planar Tree

Planar Tree, Armenia

In Nagorno-Karabakh – beautiful region of Armenia – in the cornfield of Skhtorashen villages grows a giant planar tree which in the Soviet Times received a passport as the oldest tree in the world. The tree is 2028 years old and has height of 54 m. The hollow inside the tree trunk has the area of 44 About one hundred people can find room in the tree trunk

Dashbashi Canyon

Dashbashi Canyon

Now we’d like to tell you about the natural miracles of the other beautiful country of the South Caucasus – Georgia. In the southern part of the country in the region Kvemo-Kartli, there is an amazing natural monument – Dashbashi Canyon. The canyon was formed in volcanic rocks. Its length is 8 km and the height of its slopes is several hundred meters. Dashbashi canyon impresses with its unique spectacular sceneray. On its slopes, you will see many waterfalls. If you include this destination in your tour to Georgia you will get

Abudelauri colorful lake

Abudelauri Lake, Georgia

In the northeast of Georgia in Dusheti municipality, there are absolutely unique lakes which are probably the most beautiful lakes on the southern slopes of the Caucasus mountain range. These three natural miracles are united under the one name «Abudelauri Lakes». Each of them is hidden in the mountains and the distance between them is 1.5 kilometers. Abudelauri Lakes are also called Colorful Lakes that’s because each of them has its own water color. Green Lake is  shallow and has bright green color. This effect is achieved because of the lush greenery reflecting in water. Blue Lake is considered the most beautiful and has dark-blue color. White Lake is the deepest and the highest; it has milky color.

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