Preparing for a Road Trip

by Guest Author on May 3, 2013

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It is the time of year again, when we start preparing for our summer holidays. If you have already decided upon your destination and that you are going to be undertaking an epic road trip adventure, have you considered all the preparation you need to do before setting off? Road trips are one of the most freeing forms of vacation; you can take the travel at your leisure, see more of a country than you do through flying and most of the time you are travelling with friends or family.

However, choosing to go on a road trip instead of a beach holiday, does bring forth some extra considerations that you wouldn’t normally have to deal with. This can be anything from getting car repairs fixed, through making sure that you get plenty of car insurance quotes before you leave. This can get confusing, so to help you before you set off, here are the rules to follow to make sure you get the most out of your holiday as start off well-prepared:

Get your insurance ready

OK, so you may already have adequate car insurance, but it may not be enough to cover your entire trip. Many of us only have the basic coverage and haven’t considered getting any added coverage such as collision cover or theft. This is even more important if your road trip will take you to foreign countries. There are many insurance companies that offer added insurance depending on your needs, AXA insurance as an example offers breakdown cover and even lost key cover – I do hope you don’t lose your keys though!

Get your car in fully working order

It doesn’t matter if your car needs major repairs or just those niggling small ones, if the car is going to be under strain then it needs to be fixed, checked over and given the all clear before you set off. There are also other small things that, depending on your destination, may need to be checked. If you are going to warmer climates then you should check your coolant and the same goes for antifreeze if you are going somewhere cooler. Other small areas to check are the oil, windscreen washers and that your tires are in road worthy condition. If you are unsure as to how to do these checks, then take your car to a trained mechanic.

Make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment

There is definitely some safety equipment that you definitely need to make sure you have where ever you are going. Some countries require by law some items to be carried with you. When driving in France, as an example, you need to have your own breathalyser, Hi Visibility jackets, first aid kits and a warning triangle. If, however, you are travelling within your own country, then you may still want to carry a first aid kit, a tool kit in case of a tire change etc. and a mobile phone charger. Seems like an odd one to add, but if you need to ring for help and have no battery this could be a life saver.

Consider whether you will need extra space

If you are going to be travelling in a group, then you may have all the luggage, tents, sleeping bags and food all packed into your car. This is not going to make the road trip a comfortable one. Before you leave, you need to consider whether you need to purchase some extra space for your car such as a roof rack, bike rack, small trailer etc. If you are going to be adding onto your car, then you need to make sure that this information is given to your insurance company.

Finally make sure that you have fun!!!

If you have put all the preparation in place, then the only thing left to do is have an amazing time.

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