Top 4 Things That Luxury Travellers Seek

by Dean on September 18, 2016

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Affluent travelers from around the world have been relentless in chasing luxury. Once they taste luxury, nothing else can appeal to them no matter how unique it may be. Now, the question that comes to the mind is what luxury really is. Is it something related to the price, quality, both, or something else? According to Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of luxury is: Great comfort, especially as provided by expensive and beautiful things; and, something expensive that is pleasant to have but is not necessary. These definitions may remain the case with luxury, but there is more to it than meets the eye. There are some features that high-end hotels, restaurants, travel organizers, and brands associate with luxury. Read on to find out about the four features that are believed to be sought after by luxury travelers.

Luxury Travel

From time immemorial, luxury travelers have been quite particular about the details of traveling that they look forward to. They would take their own sweet time to look out for options that promise a one-of-a-kind experience. They would not mind buying first class airline tickets if that guarantees an extraordinary experience. Such desires for life experiences lead them to indulge in luxurious travel journeys. Luxury seekers looking forward to a long-haul flight drool over the idea of no neighbors, two armrests, a reclining backrest, an elevated leg rest and foot rest, beds, and many cozy blankets. They would love to be served by staff who give them a special treatment, offer them exclusive, sumptuous, luxurious meals, and give a close attention to each detail.

Luxury Stay

Luxury travelers can be expected to be demanding, so luxury hotels need to stand out from other hotels to impress them. They tend to hate wasting time in things like check-in and check-out. Obviously, why would they wait at the reception when they are ready to splurge to ensure that they get to experience a one-of-a-kind time? So, these things need to be fast, easy and discreet. Apart from that, valet service, luggage handling, room service, bathroom, outside views from the room, upholstery, decoration, arrangement, food, laundry and other facilities and services should be something more than world-class for them. And yes, these travelers can look forward to wallowing in leisure activities; so, four- or five-star hotels should have an adjoining golf course, swimming pool, beaches, Jacuzzi, indoor or outdoor games arrangement, spas, restaurant, cafes, etc. to not let their valuable clients bear any complaint.

Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

All-Inclusive Options

When luxury is being talked about, inclusiveness of everything related to the service is the first thing that is expected to be defining that particular service. Didn’t get it? Then think about having served a pizza without sauce and seasonings; and upon ordering sauce and seasonings (things that you thought would have been served with pizza), you find your bill amount comprising additional charges levied for having ketchup and seasonings. This is how luxury seekers see the service that does not include all of its varied aspects. They seem to get angry the moment they’re confronted with additional fees for things that they thought to be a part of the main service.


Luxury service providers cannot overlook the fact that luxury is expected to ooze out of everything that makes up such a service. If there is a room touted to be a luxurious room, then its linens, décor, bathroom, furniture, upholstery, decoration, windows, accessories, wardrobe and everything else including details needs to be expertly, painstakingly and extraordinarily designed, selected and arranged. It has to be a five-star treatment, right from the start through to the end.

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