Top places for nightlife in Bangkok

by Dean on June 7, 2017

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Being called one of the world’s tourism paradises, Bangkok dazzled tourists because of not only the beauty of landscapes or constructions but also the extremely interesting nightlife. No matter you are travelling with a tour or just backpacking, below are the top places for a wonderful night in Bangkok that you will not want to miss.

  1. Night markets

Shopping is one of the most popular activities of tourists to Bangkok because the products here are cheap and still have the good quality. The shopping places are becoming more diverse, but there are 2 most common places you should not ignore, which are Patong market and Suan Lum Night Bazzar.

Located on Silom Street, Patong market sells numerous stuffs, most of them are from China. The market is extremely dynamic, even at late night. The Suan Lum Night Bazzar, on the other hand, opens from 6:30 pm to 12:00 am every day. The market offers various kinds of goods, from normal clothes to furniture.

Night market Bangkok

Suan Lum Night Bazzar

  1. Chao Praya River

If you are in love with rivers and want to enjoy sitting on a boat and admiring the beautiful landscapes, then Chao Praya River is the best choice for you.  Imagine a summer night in Bangkok, you are sitting on the boat, going along the river, seeing the nightlife of the city and tasting the cocktail with snacks. That is one of the special things that the capital of Thailand could offer you.

River cruise Bangkok

A yacht on the river

  1. Choose a high place and admire the whole city

Watching the nightlife of the city from a high spot is one of the most wonderful things to do in Bangkok. You can easily find skyscrapers such as Sky Bar, Cloud 47, Zeppeline Bar or many other places. The ideal spaces to enjoy the night are always the rooftops of the bars. The price for drinks depends on how luxury the place is. Normally, it would be ranged from $5 to 10$.

At night, as a city of tourism, Bangkok is extremely beautiful and busy. Enjoying the wonderful moment on a rooftop is not a bad idea, no matter if you are travelling with family, friends, lover or on your own.

Rooftop view Bangkok

A rooftop in Bangkok

  1. Night clubs

Night club is one of the first things appear in the head of people when they think about nightlife, and in Bangkok, that is also not an exception. Being called the “no sleep city”, Bangkok has plenty of bars and clubs which are very easy to be recognized. Most of the clubs are appropriate for young people with dynamic and modern music.

People who prefer jazz could also have several options. Bangkok always has the top jazz players in Thailand. The most popular clubs are Saxophone Pub, Jazz Happens and Q Bar. The price for drinks in this bar is around 300 baht.

Night club in bangkok

Bangkok is a “no sleep” city

  1. The Chinese Street

For people who prefer night street food, the Chinese Street should not be ignored. Consists of Yaowaret street with complicate intersections, the street is famous for many food stores which attract many tourists at night. Dim sum, shark soup, tofu and grilled foods could be considered as some “must try” food in this place.

Chinatown, bangkok


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